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Welcome to European Female Fight Club!

Spider-Mouth is called Spider-Mouth 

because he can talk a good fight but when it comes to the action on the mats, he regularly loses to well trained female opponents. One evening, Spider-Mouth goes to a fancy dress party dressed in a Black Spiderman costume. He meets 2 ladies dressed as Catwoman and Supergirl and they have a drink. He jokes that they look good in their outfits but could not fight like the real Catwoman and Supergirl. The 2 ladies tell Spider-Mouth that each of them can beat him in a wrestling match but don't want to fight him at the fancy dress party because it is in a friend's house. So they agree to wrestle the next day at European Fight Club. What Spider-Mouth does not realise is that the ladies are 2 of the best wrestlers in Europe and he is about to have his ass kicked! Oh dear, some guys have to learn their manners the hard way! In the first match, Zsofi is in a Cat Woman costume that is hot in every sense of the word. Spider-Mouth flexes his muscles but they are fake muscles that come with his costume! He tries to annoy Cat-Woman Zsofi by making meeeow cat noises and calling her big ears. But Zsofi is wonderfully cool as she goes about her business on the mats. The question is not whether Spider-Mouth can win the match but whether he can get a single point. There are no computer generated actions in this mixed wrestling fight - it is real super heroine versus her male super villain opponent.


You might expect us to send in the biggest, baddest dude we could find but instead, Orsi goes toe to toe against an unlikely feminine opponent... Zsofi! Lamb to the slaughter? Maybe not. This match was definitly much closer than anyone could have anticipated!

Featuring Orsi and Sophie.


George is stronger, tougher & more ripped than ever... and he wants to set things right before leaving the wrestling scene for good. Look out ladies, this man is not the same guy you've fought before. It's Judgement Day! The action is pretty much even right to the end. Does George finally beat this chick?


This pure bitch looks like the girl next door, however, she is dangerous, you can't take any word form you, and if you do so, you lost... just as in a wrestling fight.
Part 1.

Only head-scissors, endlessly - 35:43 from 12 videos!
Participating Bianca, Cathy Heaven, Fruzsi, Katie, Lana, Linda, Lisa Del Sierra, Melanie Memphis, Orsi, Sophie, Tia and Tye!

Do you like squeezing, choking, smothering? Do you like to be short of breath caused by a strong and dominate woman? Do you like when your head is between two flexed muscular legs? When you are not able to breath anymore? When she tenses your head with so much pressure till you feel like it will blow up?

Only head-scissors and schoolboy pins cut out of many fights!

Don't you enjoy a mixed wrestling fight without the winner is doing a victory pose at the end?

When the opponent is completely defeated and disgraced, stepping on him, expressing the happiness over his loss? When the winner is a woman, the looser is a man, and the woman shows her full control and dominance over him? That she was not only able to beat him up, but even make him to completely submit under her will? So the man feels that he is in full control of a strong woman, a subjection of her will, there is no need to do anything, just lying on the floor, under her feet, defeated?

Then watch this clip, containing all kinds of disgracing of the looser after a fiery fight!


SpiderMouth had risen from his ashes again,

and came back to get a revange on Sophie, his old enemy. His outfit is a bit used up, but it is no wonder, after Sophie, Roxy and Kira all had beaten him up. Sophie also has returned not so long ago, and she is better then ever, so this time she didn't have much problem with him either. But the surprise came after, SpiderMouth doubled himself, so when Sophie finished one, another came, and even his skin was renewed! Poor Sophie, in the World of "Superheroes" she really had to fight hard, but at the end of the mixed wrestling fights she was stepping on the second SpiderMouth's chest in victory pose as well, of course! The rest of the World can be in piece now, because Sophie, this superheroine saved us!

What a great news, Sophie is back!

After one and a half years of resting, she returned! Still young, still very pretty, and she hasn't forgotten wrestling at all! She knows exactly how to dominate on a guy, altough her attitude reminds more to a shy girl next door. She knows exactly how to squeeze Miki in the right body parts - ribs, neck, neck in reversed position - so he screams in pain. Happy to see among us and in mixed wrestling videos, again.

Only head-scissors, endlessly - 69:00 from 11 videos

(participating Diamond, Xana, Anne Hurricane, Van, Diana, Roxy, Anita, Bobi, Jasmine, Katalin, Sophie and Kira)! Do you like squeezing, choking, smothering? Do you like to be short of breath caused by a strong and dominate woman? Do you like when your head is between two flexed muscular legs? When you are not able to breath anymore? When she tenses your head with so much pressure till you feel like it will blow up?
Only head-scissors and schoolboy pins cut out of many fights!

Spider-Mouth is back to wrestle Zsofi.

Last time she was Catwoman and Spider-Mouth found out after the match when she took her mask off it was Zsofi. So Spider-Mouth has challenged Zsofi to a rematch in a ring and he has spent 3 months training twice a day in the gym just for this match. Spider-Mouth also went to London to get speciallist wrestling training from some of the top mixed wrestlers there. He has learned some escape moves as well as how to apply holds better. So this time Zsofi does not wear a costume, she is just her natural brilliant tallented self. Once again she gives Big-Mouth Spider-Mouth a beating and he has to go back to planning some more training!

And according to Bora: 
Before SpiderMouth challenges any girls from European Fight Club Team for a mixed wrestling fight, he goes to the gym for weeks, sometimes twice a day. He would like to be in best shape, fit enough to fight 15 minutes with a - weaker, skinnier - girl, but with all this effort the only thing happens is that he doesn't get an enormous beat, only a huge one. This time from Zsofi, this kind, pretty, but calm, fit and strong girl.

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For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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