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Would you be curioes of Mira wrestling naked with Spartacus, and after defeating him, force this giant hero at the end to lick her pussy? 


Wow, hot hot hot! See Ella vs. Gucci in a great and very intense oil wrestling match! Both are real wildcats and they just get wilder and wilder in the fight, so you'll love them!


Watch Tia at the gym doing a warm-up training with Kyra. You can get behind the scenes of teh girls building their terrific muscles.


Ella - who is an upcoming wrestler, with a huge advantage: trained by Tia - against Orsi.b, who we know very well, already. Both girls have the same weight and condition, but on one side there is a good trainer, and on the other, years of experience, so the winner is not obvious at all...


"The contestants wrestle by Olympic freestyle wrestling rules where the purpose is to put your opponent's shoulders to the mat, say for a count to two. I want it to be a close contest where both opponents are in trouble several times during the match. By trouble I mean that one wrestler gets in a near pin situation and desperately goes in a bridge position to avoid the pin.
Bridging is when you have only your head and toes on the ground and your belly is high up in the air. The important thing of bridging is to keep your shoulders up in the air and not touching the mat. When both shoulders touch the mat simutaneously the count is started by the referee and if the wrestler can not lift her shoulders quickly off the mat, for example by bridging, the count is finished and the match is over. However if the girl in trouble bridges and succesfully elevates her shoulders in the air before the referee can count to two the match continues. If the same girl has her shoulders to the mat again the count is restarted from one.
I want that the wrestlers can bridge for a long time, like a minute or more if possible. It is also important that the wrestler in trouble show agony and desperately want to avoid the pin.
As I mentioned earlier I like it to be a close contest where both wrestlers get into trouble several times during the match and needs to bridge for longer periods of time to avoid being pinned. The end of the match should come after one girl has been in a bridge position for a very long time so she is really exhausted and then suddenly she gets out of trouble and the second girl finds herself in a pin situation. Surprised and desperately the second girl goes in a bridge position with her toes on the mat, she tries as hard as she can to avoid being pinned but after some time the pin is inevitable. There is a surprise winner!"


4 participants at a party plays with a bottle. One turns, then has a sexy, juicy, erotic fight with the one the bottle points to. Then the other turns and so on - 4 fights in 4 parts... Lots of excitment and crazyness. Part 4 of 4, in which Diana plays with Zsolt, with a strapon humiliation at the end.


They come from all over the civilized world...  men of Greece, Rome, Armenia, Syria, all of Asia Minor, for the sole purpose of proving their worth against the unbeaten Amazon nation.  A warrior delves deep into the jungles of the amazon, courage his only weapon.  It isn't long before that courage is put to the ultimate test against a lone sentry... a warrior maiden yurning for blood.  For Pantariste, (who bare handed, destroyed Timiades in the battle between the Amazons and Heracles' troops), he is but the fifth foolish male to cross her path this day!


First we see a guy, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, sitting comfortably on a couch (or somewhere) and reading a book. Behind him, Victoria sneaks into the room, quietly. She doesn't make a sound - she slowly, secretly approaches the guy. She stands right behind him and smiles as she looks down at him. She very quietly removes her clothes, staying in a sporty bikini. He's still unaware that the intruder is right behind him. And then she jumps on top of him, effortlessly overpowering him and pinning him to the ground. What ensues is a completely one-sided smothering/domination session, in which Victoria is smiling and giggling and moaning with pleasure, while the guy is crying, struggling feebly and begging for her to let him go. The majority of this custom clip should focus on facesitting. Victoria rubs her crotch into the guy's face, rides it like a cowgirl, masturbates on the guy's face - up to the point of having an orgasm on him. He can't do anything to defend himself, even though he's desperately trying. Victoria may quietly whisper to him, calling him "sweetie" or "baby", shushing at him and assuring him she won't hurt him. She enjoys it very much. The guy eventually loses his consciousness and Victoria lies down next to him, relaxed, satisfied and smiling. She plays with his prone body, running her hand along his face and chest. She whispers sweet things into his ear. She unbuttons his jeans and slides her hand into them. When he wakes up, she just pins his hands to the floor above his head and continues playing with him. Touching his chest and face (maybe kissing his face, if she's okay with it?), putting her hand into his unbuttoned jeans. The guy struggles and begs her to stop. And then she climbs on top of him again and begins another facesitting masturbation. She rides him hard and moans with pleasure. The guy still struggles, but soon after loses consciousness again. Victoria, satisfied after her second orgasm, gathers her clothes and leaves. What I'm looking for is a girl who can convincingly play a superstrong rappist taking erotic advantage of a frightened weak man (it's very important that the guy plays his part - he needs to be scared, he cannot enjoy this). Imagine a girl who's strong enough to singlehandedly beat up a room full of grown men. Yes, she's that strong - or at least she can play it convincingly. Now imagine this girl only having one man to dominate in that room. She could easily destroy him, without even breaking a sweat, but she's in a sexy mood. She decides to use him as her sex toy instead - and she completely dominates him, teasing him, stroking him, kissing him, pleasuring herself, etc. etc. She gets aroused more and more when he begs for mercy and feebly attempts (and fails) to escape. She performs every possible facesit on him, grinding her bikini thong right into his screaming mouth. She toys with him as if she were a gigantic cat and he was just a tiny mouse. She will have a couple orgasms on his face in the video - and every time she finishes a facesit, satisfied and pleased - he loses consciousness. She fondles him and gropes him and strokes his crotch, his chest, his face - regardless of whether he's conscious or not. She can immobilize him with just one hand or one foot, in whatever way she can.


Yana Baby spends her afternoon in bed, feeling herself up naked, daydreaming about being in a battle with a guy, dominating him,  with her nude body touching his, sweating on the mat under the sun, playing with his body parts, playing with herself, defeat him and giving pleasure herself as giving pleasure him. Part 3


Yana Baby spends her afternoon in bed, feeling herself up naked, daydreaming about being in a battle with a guy, dominating him,  with her nude body touching his, sweating on the mat under the sun, playing with his body parts, playing with herself, defeat him and giving pleasure herself as giving pleasure him. Part 2

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For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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