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KO Entertainments Kft. (Hungary)

Welcome to European Female Fight Club!
4th fight from the event, with Jenny - in a competitive one!

Jenny is small, pretty and a very good wrestler, we know this. We might know Fritz already, because he appears in pretty much videos in mixed wrestling. So if you saw him already, you know that he is kind of tall and big, mostly comparing to this girl. Also he is very competitive, no matter with who. So in this particular fight you will see a man body-, and even head-scissoring a tiny girl, but guess what: Jenny can turn the battle each time, and give it back a hundred times to him!


Dallas is one hot stripper out looking for excitement... and "skin on skin" contact wrestling sounds like it might be right up her alley! Don DeMarco is just another blue collar dude by day, itching for a chance to break the monotony of daily life in the concrete jungle. Neither has ever tangled with a member of the opposite sex so we thought if might be fun to pit these two opposites against each other... in reality, they couldn't have been more alike! Don starts out strong, taking the majority of the falls but Dallas doesn't give up! In the end one fighter wins out with a TKO!


After centuries of cruel male reign over the Temple of Olympus, Hera steps forward to face Zues and Apollo in a showdown of the gods! When it was over, both gods lay defeated at Hera's feet. Revolution sprang up throughout Olympus as Athena, Gaia, Aphrodite, Artemis and other females revolted in a fiery battle for power of the Greek underworld. The most vicious was Ate, the seductive goddess of evil who slaughtered many gods before withdrawling to her lair in the mortal world. With the fate of Olympus in his hands, Zeus descends upon Earth to hunt the evil goddess down before his rule is lost forever...


Hera, queen of Olympus, wife and sister of Zeus, is known for her extremely bad temper and this time Zeus' infidelities have gone too far! The Goddess queen is filled with jealous rage. She gazes down from the heavens just as "the Father of the Gods" prepares to wrestle her son, young Apollo. Perfect... the angry goddess plots the ultimate revenge! The arrogant God of Olympus along with Apollo will pay dearly by her own two hands! With the brilliance of a goddess, Hera descends upon Earth prepared for war!


In the ancient world of Rome, young Sexta has no equals. Born a wealthy daughter of Roman nobilty, her reputation for sadism and cruelty is very well known. Feeding her insatiable appitites, She maintains a pen of gladitorial slaves, toys for her personal amusement. Men pushed to compete against fighters of neighboring stables run by out of control nobility in the outskirts of Rome. Her most recent purchase is a slave named Tragos, a former Grecian grappler turned slave. As with all of her new play things, Tragos is given the chance to face Sexta in a fiery confrontation for his freedom... Tragos accepts! Bonus Bonus Bonus Having tamed her unruly minion, Cruel Sexta pits young Tragos against a sadistic Swede in a test of strength. Tragos is certain of victory but the buxom Swede is devastating. Somewhat of a gruesome ending but Tragos does somehow manage to survive to fight another day!


216 BC - Captured during the Battle of Leuctra amid the Thebos war, Spartan warrior Philoxenos quickly found himself sold as a gladitorial slave to the Roman noble Thetima! Although only a common foot soldier, Philoxenos soon becomes a crowd favorite. However years of pushed gladiatorial carnage has taken its toll! Thetima offers to grant her prized fighter his freedom but only if he can defeat her in a contest physical combat. Grinning in anticipation, Philoxenos accepts his master's terms...


I don't know who's more disturbing... JC or Destinny? Both have a twisted, even warped perception of the opposite sex. JC wants nothing more than to beat all women, one at a time. Destinny doesn't just want to beat men, she wants their souls (and heads) on a stick! When it comes to psychology, I suppose both wrestlers share our favorite types of issues... the kinds that can only be resolved on the mat! Destinny saunters to the ring, her beefy opponent already pumped and ready for the one sided beatdown to begin... Destinny is cruel and tough but so isn't JC Peters!


Canada vs. America

Canadian divas Leah and Lauren, aka the "Vancouver Vixens" cross the American border to face renowned American grapplers Danny Boy & Herc, aka "The Massachusetts Maulers!" in match one of Grapple Fest 2010! These Canadian bombshells are just itching to take down these American champions. Danny Boy and Herc are legends in the Springfield area, known for the merciless pounding of so many beaten adversaries. Canada Vs America... Which nation is the toughest? Move over NHL, this time submission wrestling will decide just which nation will reign supreme!


Torrie is a timidly shy Virginian belle with serious issues... the most recent being a craving for mixed gender beat downs with any man within reach! Her last match was with Tony from Brooklyn, his Italian bravado now completely squashed. Young Torrie is definitely searching for something. For what, we have no idea? Today her insatiable urges come to a head against our visiting fighter Lexx. Lexx is a good ole boy, a real life ass kicker from Texas! He does everything wearing a worn out Stetson: except of course for two things... the second being fighting! This boy from Houston doesn't flinch at the chance to fight a chick. She wants to get messed up... that's her choice. Man, woman... whatever. Shut up and take your punishment just like everyone else!


Having studied the art of lucid dreaming thoroughly, brothers Peter and Mike have learned to control and even merge dreams at will. Within these subsconcious fantasies they can dominate the women of their dreams. Yet somehow, their new neighbors (and sisters) Lisa and Melanie have learned to turn the tables, embarrassing the cocky brothers on at least two occassions. Today is the day they plan their revenge! Melanie is alone, working in the yard... perfect! This time they will dominate the girl together and there is no way she can stop them. But just as the men prepare to dream, a car pulls up.... what is this? A unexpected surprise! Peter and Mike nod in agreement, another character to dominate! The men will finally extract their revenge in grand style! Or will they?

Featuring Melanie Memphis and Cathy Heaven.

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Client Testimonials

For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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