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Welcome to European Female Fight Club!

The Crippler is back and he's meaner and badder than ever before! Across the mat is Puma, staring at her foe with those unreadable, glassy eyes. The Crippler is intent on victory yet Puma has never been beaten. Strap in and prepare yourself for the toughest underground battle to date... The odds are even!


Mauy thai fighting is at the core of "The Crippler's" soul. When not in school, he trains relentlessly... sparring, lifting & boxing! He's beaten the best in his gym and now he faces his toughest opponent to date! No stranger to underground combat, Kitana's discipline is ground fighting... grappling holds, choke holds, gripping, ripping, handling... the total control of her opponent. The Crippler may be tough for an amateur but he is a relative unknown, Kitana on the other hand has already beaten more than than a handful of supposed "Mauy Thai" tough guys. Bottom line: the odds favor Kitana nearly 6:1. Looks like the Crippler has his work cut out for him...


Once again we gave the male the odds and once again we were wrong! This little honey, aka "Laurie's lover"wiped the mat with this unknown male grappler. We knew we were screwed the second she drove him into the ground! Just goes to prove that no average guy, no matter how chiseled his abs are, can compete with a trained and well conditioned female fighter.


These private, "after hours" affairs feature a variety of contestants from a nursing student with a mastery of the mat, to an engineering major with no fighting experience at all! Every battle could be a one-sided beatdown or an intense, action packed grapplefest! We usually don't even know their names nor do we don't care to. What we do care about is making the odds. In this battle, the male is clearly larger and more muscular than his female opponent, however one look in her dark eyes and you know "Laurie" could be dangerous. Even so, we'll give the male 2:1 odds he can tear this chick apart ... boy were we wrong!


Tough Guy vs. Kira & Victoria
Classified ad: Athletic, fit 175 lb male seeking married or single women for private encounter: Think you can beat me wrestling? $1,000 says you can't. Bring a friend. Not for the timid, I'm the real deal. Email at to arrange an encounter. Be prepared to fight! Signed, Tough Guy. Kira laughed at the ad. Some insurance adjuster by day gets his rocks off beating up women by night! Hey, why not? After all, she gets off beating up men for money! If she and Victoria can draw him in, make him think he's unbeatable, maybe they can double the award to $2,000 or maybe even more? It all starts with the deception... Let him think he is tough, at least tougher than them... then beat him senseless. Too bad every encounter couldn't pay off like this one!

Featuring Kira and Victoria.


Roxy's newly forged wrestling talents are about to be pitted against the brawn and experience of her grappling instructor, L-Man. The challenge will be the ultimate contest of strength and skill: Each wrestler will be given several, 3 minute chances to make Orsi, the "Man Beater" submit! The fighter earning the most submissions within the allotted time will win the contest. The rules: Orsi is not to fight back however she must escape each hold as quickly as possible. It is clear from the start that there is still some unresloved tension between L-Man and his old rival, Orsi. In fact, not only is she planning to break his holds during the contest, but also to push the proud instructor to tapout each time! He could cry foul but instead ole L-Man decides to make this the day Orsi pays for her arrogant past! Bring her on!

Featuring Orsi and Roxy.


Alexis vs. The Masked Mauler

Alexis walks down the driveway of an unfamiliar home, pausing cautiously to glance thru the dark windows on either side of the open door... "Is anyone here?" she mutters nervously. She moves forward, her eyes adjusting to the darkly lit entrance. Suddenly a large masked male grasps her from behind, his hands groping her chest and waist... "What the hell?" She shoves the mysterious man away. She thinks about running but the desire to fight is too strong to resist. This whole thing is damn freaky but freaky is just what this babe needs... she's never been so turned on in her life! Test of strength, hammerlocks, headlocks, scissor locks, pins ect... A boob lovers delight!


Fair play... good sportsmanship... save it for the olympics! This match is all about sexual superiority: Men vs Women! Or in this case Men vs WoMAN! Today, the buxom symbol of female power has neither a face nor a name... this masked Gynarchist has agree to take on not one, but two trained male wrestlers for a secret submission wrestling beat down. Oh, and these men are no wimps! The boys practice their craft on the mats... muscles straining as they perfect their skills! They are indeed ready for a fight! Meanwhile, the "un-named" female dons her mask, pausing only to lubricate her skin before walking through the woods to where her opponents await. The men see her coming. They break off. Their is up but not a word is spoken. Each man studies his prey as the masked female lowers to all fours, beckoning the first man to strike! Does she even stand a chance... or do they?


There's nothing Diana and L-Man love more than administering a slippery beatdown. Diana is a natural in the oil and L-Man is getting better and better by the day! With Diana by his side, L-Man knows he can and will succeed where everyone else has failed... that is, bringing Orsi to her knees! There is nothing L-Man treasures more than hearing that arrogant monster beg for mercy! Just to be sure they are in top form, Diana and L-Man slap on the liquids and have it just moments before the main event is scheduled to start. With muscles loose and bodies stretched, their resolves are unbendable... Orsi doesn't stand a chance... Yeah, right!

Featuring Orsi and Diana.


He gave that cocky Fiorella Fuego the pounding she deserved and now this ex-marine is ready to take on Onyx! " Bring'em on baby... Big, small, skinny, fat. I don't care... I'll thrash'em all!" Onyx just rolls her eyes. Shaking her head in disgust, she pulls back her elbows, flexes her chest and lower back. Sometimes a girl has to focus on the true pleasures in life such as the sadistic and fiery need to suffocate the male ego. And Onyx would agree... this is one of those times!

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Client Testimonials

For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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