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Welcome to European Female Fight Club!

Viscious Vicky vs. John Paul

21 year old California native Vicky has absolutely no wrestling experience at all. Does this stop her from challenging a 23 year old Brazilain stud to an oily beat down?  Hell no!  Well versed in kempo and BJJ, veteran
grappler John Paul accepts Vicky's open invitation to get it on.  Vicky's main asset: Her obsessive compulsive need to control everything and everyone! But is a social "behavioral" issue enough to take down a tough guy like John Paul?


Darling vs. Steele

Hailing from the west coast (via the deep south) comes Darling, once the most sweetest, loveable country gal you've ever met.  But after a year in LA county, she's anything but sweet!  If only her folks knew of the tattoos & wild parties... a complete 180 from her former life!  And to top it off, an insatiable appetite for the fighting scene where her farm girl strength is more than most opponents bargained for! Steele is hell bent on showing this little west coast tart what a boy from Brooklyn is made of.  Two tough fighters plus tons of attitude... Should be a fun match!


Submission Shelly vs. the German tag team Hans & Franc aka "Hell on Earth". Hans & Franc are sure of a victory against their single American opponent but the unsuspecting grapplers never expected the woman to be so ruthless! She beats them soundly from start to finish! Wrestling never looked so sexy!


Shannon vs. Jing

So complete is his degradation after losing to a woman wrestler that poor Jing can't return home, nor can he stay in California.  He must prove his recent defeat was only an unfortunate aboration!  Only by defeating the toughest woman we have can he finally regain his self esteem and move on with his life.  Shannon Kelly definitely fits that bill!  As expected, the tough lesbo grappler jumps at the chance to thoroughly disgrace the chauvintistic (and desperate) male martial artist... This is turning out to be yet another great battle of styles!


Shannon Kelly aka The Queen of Mean vs. J-Bomb

Shannon Kelly has quite possibly wrestled in everyseedy night club and bar along the west coast.  If you've ever been to one of these places you've likely seen her in action.  Usually it's against some shmoo who forked over just enough cash to roll around andfondle his dream honey, ending up bruised and disgraced instead.
The J-Bomb's past is a bit of a mystery.  He is jumpy with nervous eyes that dartabout, making it difficult to have a conversation.  He also wears combat fatigues (BDUs for my military friends) but has never served.  From what I can tell, he spends most of his time in the gym grunting a bit too loudly and intimidating yuppies.

So, in summary, we have what I believe to be an experienced yet fanatical lesbian oil wrestler facing off against a somewhat unstable warrior wannabe.  Should be entertaining to say the least!


Vicky vs. Randy

Vicky might not have any formal training but when it comes to administering a righteous beatdown, she's definitely got a gift.  Having thrashed her last "experienced" opponent, she is craving her next fight.  Although admiring her spark, Randy can't stand Vicky's big obnoxious mouth!  Any man would want to smack that irritating bark right off her face!  Randy may have underestimated Frankie (she trounced him) but he isn't going to make the same mistake twice.  Losing to two chicks in a row would be devastating to his ego.  No, Randy has got a plan and it involves steamrolling this loud mouth bitch into the ground...


Local male champions Risci and Jon have agreed to face off against the women's champ Orsi in no holds barred submission wrestling. It should have been a decent match up but Orsi wiped the floor with both men, prolonging holds even after they tapped out.


Hanna (18) has been training hard for her 1st match ever against veteran male grappler Liviu (32). Cheered on by her instructor, Hanna gives it her all. Liviu comes on strong winning a early submissions but Hanna turns things around and even ties the score. But can she possibly win??


Lexi vs. Chris

True macho men like Chris absolutely dread losing to women, especially against little "whores" like Christa!  
Consumed with his previous loss, Chris sets out to rebuild his tarnished image.  Beneath his phony smile and flirtatious glares he's determined to destroy the very next "bitch" that crosses his path!  That "bitch" just so happens to be young Lexi.  She's a tough, no nonsense gal with nothing to lose.  You couldn't possibly find two more opposite people on the planet!


Lexi vs. Jing

Having recently moved from Shanghai to sunny Southern California, Jing was ill prepared for the culture shock of living in western society.  Undisciplined and unruly people, a society based on laziness and selfishness!  But it wasn't until he ran across our studio that Jing was totally shocked.  Women fighting against men!  A woman could not possibly best a man in bare handed combat!  Since we couldn't convince him, we offered to arrange a match between himself and one of our newest grapplers, a local 18 year old varsity grappler named Lexi Stafford.  With a background in kung fu, Jing refuses to believe a "mere" girl could match his skills in the martial arts!  A sexy young girl grappler versus an experienced male martial artist... What a great battle of styles!

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Client Testimonials

For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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