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This pretty turns him on, makes him hard and makes him come - only with her feet!


In the gym she saw you, pick you form the others and mesmerise you, taking your and her clothes off, lye you down on the floor and force you to worship her feet!


Girl next door in her school outfit and white socks, simply steps in this average guy, who juts wanted to borrow some sugar...


This time Orsi.b is the one, who uses her feet to control Miki: even the time when he is allowed to come... 


Merciless, beautiful tease makes her slave kiss her feet, legs, and worship her ass for her hot pleasure.


She enjoys so much face trampling, kicking, head-scissoring the guy with an evil look on her face!


Beautiful blonde Victoria Diamond loves to dominate and punish men with her feet, wearing nothing else just black stockings and her shaved pussy. 



Orsi is sunbathing in the garden, she's all oiled and is wearing a thong swimsuit. Sunny suddenly appears in front of her. he's standing with an angry face and looks at her. Sunny says: "YOU BITCH! YOU STOLE MY BOOKS AND I CANNOT STUDY...NOW YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS" Orsi teases him with some sexy poses, showing him her nice legs and beautiful ass. Sunny more angry will say: "STOP PLAYING BITCHY! I M NOT GONNA FALL IN YOUR TRAP AGAIN" Orsi will open her legs and will say: "OK BABY...COME ON, PUNISH ME... MAKE ME YOURS!" Sunny will approach her, but she will close her legs around him trapping him in a front body scissor. Orsi laughs loudly as Sunny cries in pain saying "I CANNOT BREATHE" Sunny is trapped in orsi body scissor. Orsi is keeping him trapped, then bear hugs him and gives him a french kiss. Sunny is in pain. All oiled Orsi wrestles him down with some sexy holds like: headscissors, foot chokes and reverse head scissors. During the match...Sunny will rip off Orsi's bra. Orsi will laugh then will jump on him forcing him to kiss her. Sunny will cry for help Orsi will laugh, will remove her pants remaining totally nude and then will say: MY MOM IS ON HOLIDAY AND WILL COME BACK NEXT FALL...THIS TIME I'M GONNA ABUSE YOU" Sunny is desperate and tries to wake up. Orsi laughs loud then will push him down keeping his wrists again on the floor and will keep kissing him. The clip fades on a back view of the Orsi's nude oiled body that kisses Sunny's (dressed always like a nerd) that tries to get free moving his legs and arms.



AFTERNOON ABUSE: A door opens in front of the camera, Orsi and Sunny come in with books ...they're home after school. Both are dressed like school suits. Orsi says: "SORRY FOR LAST MORNING... I WON'T DO THAT AGAIN... NOW WE WILL STUDY" Sunny smiles and waits for her. Orsi finds a little message on a table that says: "I LL BE HOME LATE. SEE YOU LATER, MOM". Orsi smiles and looks at Sunny. Sunny is not aware about what is going to happen. Orsi returns to Sunny and says: "OK WE'LL STUDY A NEW SUBJECT TODAY......FEMALE DOMINATION". Sunny is a little surprised and tries to go away. Orsi catches him and throws him on a wall, then bear hugs with an arm on his windpipe, and says:" YOU HAVE A LOT TO LEARN ON IT! HAHAHAHAHHAHA". Sunny tries to get free, then he escapes.
Orsi chases him, then jumps on his back and they both fall on the floor. They're in the living room, they engage a new wrestling match. Orsi will wrestle Sunny with a sexy grin on his face, and easily overpowering him. Sunny will try extremely to fight back. During the match ...Sunny will rip off all Orsi's clothes leaving her in topless. Orsi will laugh and will say: "IT SEEMS YOU LOVE TO SEE ME NAKED BABY". Sunny says: "NO PLEASE...DON'T MOLEST ME AGAIN!" Orsi sits on his belly and starts to rub her feet on his face gently. Orsi touches his groin then say: "SMELL MY FEET, AND YOU LL BE MINE!"
Suddenly a voice out of the scene (mom came back earlier :-D ) says: HEY WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING? Orsi look at the camera surprised then says smiling: NO MOM DONT WORRY, I WAS TEACHING HIM SOME SELF DEFENSE.



MORNING ABUSE: (note: during this sequence, from time to time on a random way, someone out of the scene should say: "ORSI WAKE UP, YOU HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL, IT'S LATE!" ...and Orsi should reply during her domination: "YES MOM, WE'RE ALMOST READY!")
Orsi is sleeping on a bed. she's wearing a thong sexy night suit, she's under the sheets, only the head is visible. Sunny comes in the room, he have books in his hands and is ready to go to school. Sunny calls Orsi in order to wake her up and go to school together. Sunny shakes her gently in order to wake her up. Orsi wakes up, opens an eye but pretends to sleep again and smiles at the camera. Sunny is still shaking her gently. Orsi suddenly, throws a leg out of the sheets and kicks him in the balls. Sunny says "OUUUFFF!" and kneels in front of the bed. Orsi slowly wakes up, stretches her body and... throws another leg out of the sheets ...kicking sunny in the face with her heel under the nose. Sunny is in pain and stunned. Orsi keep kicking gently his face in order to stun him more with her bare feet. Sunny tries to avoid kicks but she always get him. Orsi opens her eyes and notice him. Orsi excited says "HELLO MY LOVE!!! ...IT'S SO NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" Orsi laughs, then grabs him by his neck-tie and drags him on the bed under the sheets ...books fly away all over the bed. Sunny and Orsi are under the sheets ...sheets are moving and nothing is visible. Sunny appears out of the sheets, he's on top of her and tries to block her arms. Orsi keep laughing and says: "OH YEAH BABY! COME AND GET ME!" Orsi kicks high to his face putting him down on the bed. Sunny rips off Orsi's nightsuit ...Orsi remains in black thong and black bra. Both are now out of the sheets and start a bed wrestling match. Orsi easily wrestles him with front head scissors, facesit and foot choke holds. Sunny is very angry. he orders her to stop and let him go, but she continues to dominate him. During the match, Sunny rips off Orsi's bra ....making her topless. She doesn't seem to be worried about it, still laughs ..and keep wrestle him down. At the end of the match ...Orsi is on top of him, topless and is flexing her biceps. Orsi says: "YEAH THAT'S IT! ..U R MINE AGAIN BABY!" Sunny tries to stand up, but orsi put her feet on his face rubbing them gently and caressing his face. Orsi says "I KNOW YOU WANT ME SO BAD!!!" then removes her thong remaining totally nude. Sunny in disbelief says: "NO ...NO....BITCH...WHAT U R DOING???" Orsi smiles then says:"U R MY BITCH!" then jumps on him keeping sunny's wrists firmly on the bed and starts to kiss him with heavy french kisses with tongue. Sunny is suffocated by the kisses, still cries for help but he s always covered by orsi kisses. Orsi keeps kissing him teasing with nice words. Orsi says: "NOW YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE ME AN ORGASM!!!" Orsi tries to remove Sunny's jacket. Suddenly a voice out of the scene (mom comes in the bedroom) says : HEY WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING? Orsi caught in the act, stands up surprised then says: "NO MOM WE'RE JUST PLAYING DOCTOR! HEHEHEHEHE"

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For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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