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Erotic Mixed Wrestling Club Featured

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Erotic Mixed Wrestling Club is for you, who enjoy mixed wrestling, but want to add some spice to it. There are usually two participants, a female and a male, and the better wins, who is, of course, usually the female. They fight nude, for the right of control in sex, so the fight itself is a foreplay. The winner takes controll sexually as well, she makes the guy do what she wants. This usually means hand job, blow job, pussy licking or an orgasm against his will. The videos are around 20 minutes long, with a 15 minutes fight and 5 minutes sex scene.

We are offering monthly membership (please, see the available memberships in here) and individual sales in our webshop as well.

 Erotic Mixed Wrestling Club
nude erotic mixed wrestling videos
Key Features
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Updates 3-4 / month
First month USD28.99
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  • Since: 2011
  • Type of videos: nude erotic mixed wrestling
  • Offering: monthly membership, webshop (individual sales)

Client Testimonials

I would like to say "Thanks a million" to you for this extraordinary great event we had the bygone weekend in Budapest. It was really fantastic !!!
It was a master stroke of you that you managed it to get all 19 our "dreamgirls" together and that all of our more than 40 (!) scheduled matches could take place. You could convince yourself that all of us were very happy on Saturday. Furthermore, the Sunday was also fantastic, everything was fantastic and the girls were fine.
The only thing is that you girls have become so good and so competitive that in the end of the event my arms were so tired that I was hardly able to hold the camera at the last match...
Tia has become a brillant wrestler, she beat the living daylights out of all of us. However, she never is in a bad mood and although the matches with her are very competitive and in a very nice atmosphere.
Diana has become a really first-class-wrestler over the years. It was my eighth and certainly not last match with her. Her body looks incredibly fit and she has become like a good friend for me (like you).
It was a pleasure to see "small" Orsi. The matches with her are always fun and entertaining, also this time. It was nice that she came from London to participate at our event.
Anita is a very strong young lady and an impressive fighter. Although she seems, maybe because of language skills, a bit shy, she is very friendly on the mats and we had a very nice match.
Vanda surprised me. She is small but a very skilled and good fighter and I had to spend a lot of energy in our match. I also like her personality she is very friendly.
Bianca for me was the "Rookie of the event". She is really a charming, handsome and friendly girl and it seems that she really likes what she is doing. She was all the time very friendly, open and communicative and my match with her was great. I liked the way how she teased us during the match. She had a "first class"-performance. Please tell it to her !
Last but certainly not least, I liked our match very much. We also had avery nice atmosophere and I do hope that you also liked it at least 50% as I did. You have also become like a good friend of mine and I am always happy to meet you in Budapest, either just for dinner and talk or for wrestling events.
Finally, I was also impressed by the girls I did not wrestle this time (but probably next time). The new girl Ariana was great, also very open-minded, sympathic and, by the way, a very good wrestler for the beginning. Since I like intelligent and communicative girls, I have definitely her on my list for the next time I wrestle in Budapest. And for sure, I will then also have at least one match with one of the Brillbabes (Cathy, Tye, Melanie or whoever)...
The dinner on Saturday was also great, I really enjoyed it very much.
A million thanks again and kisses,

Felix, Germany

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