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Grappling newcomers Jessie & Dani arrive early to the gym to practice some moves before their wrestling trainer arrives. Within minutes, an unwanted visitor (and wrestling newcomer) Chico shows up, challenging both beauties to a 2 vs 1 handicap match... which they eagerly accept. Chico is no great grappler, no, he's just another obnoxious ass who thinks he's God's gift to the fairer sex. He comes out strong but ends up going down hard! What does Chico learn today? Never underestimate a determined, large breasted battling babe!


Tough Guy vs. Kira & Victoria
Classified ad: Athletic, fit 175 lb male seeking married or single women for private encounter: Think you can beat me wrestling? $1,000 says you can't. Bring a friend. Not for the timid, I'm the real deal. Email at to arrange an encounter. Be prepared to fight! Signed, Tough Guy. Kira laughed at the ad. Some insurance adjuster by day gets his rocks off beating up women by night! Hey, why not? After all, she gets off beating up men for money! If she and Victoria can draw him in, make him think he's unbeatable, maybe they can double the award to $2,000 or maybe even more? It all starts with the deception... Let him think he is tough, at least tougher than them... then beat him senseless. Too bad every encounter couldn't pay off like this one!

Featuring Kira and Victoria.


Vicky and Christy teams up to beat up shameless exboyfriend Liviu - they have just found out that he was playing around with bth of them, so they challenged him for a fair fight...


Terrible Tyler takes on Carey and April in this 2 vs 1 tag team grappling beatdown. She stumbles at first but when her top is ripped off, Tyler flips out and wrestles her tough opponents into the ground. Good hard sexy fighting from beginning to end. A great match!

Two superior woman disgraces old, weak guy. 

We don't have to introduce you Diana and Victoria. Two very fit, muscular, but feminine energy bombs! Moreover, they are friends, so when there is the time to fight against a guy together, they add together their power and enjoy twice as much to dominate on him, just as being very close to each other. As much as they are rude and superior to the guy, as nice they are to each other. Using their strong legs and all the mixed wrestling holds are a routine for them, and none of them has any issues sitting on his face for hours, step on his head, or choking him with a head-lock.

Lilach, a very pretty, cute little energy bomb,

was the third foreign guest fighter of our event, besides Julie and Rose. She is a capoira teacher, so her fighting style could be also called grasshopper-wrestling. Zsofi, with her calm and confident manner, balanced well Lilach’s jumps. While Zsofi applied a precise hold on Ron, Lilach introduced a standing jump on his back or neck. Ron, had been also chosen from the line of our viewers, got involved pretty much of this lucky situation, when two beautiful and fighty girls hurt him in a mixed wrestling fight.


Fewmin – EFC Event, 2009 – Video 2.

This is the lucky case when someone is participating at our event – he can be in the fight with this two gorgeous Amazons! Ani is so enthusiastic of fighting, as usual, and she attacks Fritz vehemently, but Kira is equally intensive In this mixed wrestling battle. “Poor” Fritz is trapped in a body and head-scissor or different locks all the time. Although he tried to use his “masculine power”, the outcome was a little poor…


The Visitors – Starring Xana and Anne Hurricane

The door opens, a blonde tornadoe comes in to the room, Xana. She grabs the guest of the hotel, throws him onto the bed, and schoolboy pins him. He can not even talk because of the sudden surprise and aggressivness. Then he asks her what she wants. She questions him about being a good boy, a good husband, then she states that he had forgotten his wife’s birthday. He agrees, so he worths punishment. So she twists his nipples, and admits that the wife had sent her. Beats him with a metal plate. Slaps him, while he is kneeing. Let him kissing and licking her feet. Tighs him with a rope. Head-scissors him. Face sits him. Head-scissors him again. Spanks him. Twists his nipples again. Let him put on her boots, then lick them. Face sits, head-scisors him again. She wants him to remember of this lesson. Anne Hurricane enters to help Xana make this mixed wrestling session even more unforgattable. Anne takes over the controll, immediately face-sits and head-scissors him. Slaps, twisting body parts, scissors, sits, verbal insultation, degradation, endlessly. Now all the punishing holds and pain are doubled, caused by this two amazons, until the sorrow end, when they make this guy really poor...


This two girl beat the sh...t out of Drago from Slovenia!

He came by train straight to the scene of the fight. He had challenged Anita and Kira months ago, and now his time came! Drago told us to be tough on him, and doesn't mind any kicks and punches. And Walla! He was attacking and fighting back really hard that he really pissed the girls of. You have to see Kira, who is usually gentle. Now she is fighting really hard and doesn't stop insulting Drago verbally - it is better not to translate it. And about Anita: that is her time, when she can put her waste energy and strength into a fight like this! She has continuously been doing weight lifting in the last months, so she is in top shape, better then ever! Drago was really truly surprised of the girls. He is been travelling around wrestling events and he said these girls are one of the bests. She is a tai box girl, so she is perfect in kicking, punching, hitting Drago hard. There are minutes, when the operator was afraid that the landlord would come and kicks her out… It was so loud…
Drago came, and left beaten very hard…
Very intense and I think one of the best mixed wrestling fights – it might will be your personal favourite!


Red with glasses, what can be any worst?

A big beating from two amazons! marcell is the real looser with his red hair, red body, freckles, and glasses. He had no clue what he is up to. He only knew that he will have fun in here. Actually, this day exactly is his birthday. He is Bora's friend, so Bora told him to come, he'll have very good time, with two beautiful girls. Obviously, she didn't tell that a beating is awaiting him. From two. No matter if they are girls . Actually, it is worst if it is a matter of men's pride. He didn't even know what is a head-scissor or a head-lock, or face sitting - what diana showed him for long minutes. Just told him to take off his clothes, his glasses, and go to the mat. Then diana went on him, face-sat on him, without even thinking for a minute. But, marcell had enough time to think under diana's bottuck. He couldn't even figured out what had happened, when orsi came, and showed a beautiful figure four head-scissor. And it went on for twenty minutes, when the two attacked him at the same time. They showed no mercy for marcell, they had beat him until he was breathless, and til he was k.o. at the end, so they could showed a nice victory pose.

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For those of you who really want to appreciate the power and beauty of the girls up close, I highly recommend the private sessions.  I had my very first session experiences with Bora, Diana and Viktoria recently, and they were even more alluring and lovely in person than can possibly be conveyed on the website.  Perhaps needless to say, they are also highly skilled professionals.  It's a rare occasion when losing actually feels more like winning!

Scott, USA


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