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A good, economic alternative of ordering a custom video is to sponsor our shootings. For the clean cost of the shooting you have the right to discuss the participants and story of the video. We will follow your script, and try to implement as many of your ideas as possible.

You'll receive the HD video and image set in a few days after the shooting (being able to download from a link), but we also reserve the right to publish it.

Please, visit these pages regarding the available girlsfees, and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Regards, Bora


Thank you, Neil:

Again the video was done with a sense of fun and you were great as the referee.
The 2 girls seemed to have fun & made a great effort probably after a long day of shooting so again a big, big thank you to them both and to you Bora for being so friendly and professional.
I hope that the videos might be popular with the other visitors to your site and you can make some money on them.

When I first thought of writing to you about doing some custom videos I never thought they could be made so you have been really great to have made them happen for me in such an easy and friendly manner.


And Gunter:

Dear Bora, 
Thanks for yet another amazing custom! I fully understand the difficulties in getting the right girls to do the customs: it is a minority interests and not every models, girls / guys will be suitable for it.
That's why I really enjoy and appreciate working with you so much. We've done 20 customs now (!) and all have been done with amazing result. Our communication has always been smooth, fast reaction and not to mention, the very fast upload time. I'm really amazed that within a few days after the shooting you have already got the videos and photos uploaded. (some other normally take a week, even a month) Both you and the Mexican are super professional and I feel really confidence whenever I have a custom ordered. The script has always been well followed and executed, this is really one important factor that we customer aim for and I have to say not many other companies manage to keep up to your standard.
I have suggestion / feedbacks from time to time and you guys always reacted fast and make adjustment in the next custom, I am 200% satisfy with you. You guys are very trustworthy and reliable and I can foresee I will still be doing another 20 customs with you too!
It has always been a pleasure doing a custom with you and I do hope you guys feel the same too! (sorry for being a pain in the selection of costumes / moveset from time to time ;)

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