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Larissa Dee is comes into every room as a tornadoe. She is a tall, fighty girl, with incredibly long legs. No wander that her favourite holds are body-scissors and head-scissors. Remembering all of her disapointments of men from the past, she takes revange in each and every mixed wrestling fight, then steps over her opponent in victory pose, proudly.



A cutie when meeting, the wildest tiger when fighting: Lana!
She is full of energy and the exact attitude needed toward the opponent: intense attacking, aggressive facial expression, nice, muscular body, quick moving, and no way not enjoying the fight and degradation the opponent!



Kyra is a Hungarian body builder and a 2-times box world champion!

She started to learn wrestling from Tia, and beside her natural talent, she indeed has a good teacher. Kyra is calm, slowly, but very precise and accurate - no sweating at all, just like the most professionals!



Welcome here Hungary's - and maybe Europe's - one of the best fighters! Diana has been practicing wrestling for many years, and she competed in almost all of the wrestling events, here and in other countries. She is basically undefeated, no matter that she had much bigger opponents than she is. She is not really tall, and not really heavy, but has an extremely muscular body. Of course, she does all kind of sports to be in shape. She is also one of the rare fighters, who enjoys the fight itself very much, and is doing it for her own real enjoyment. And beside all of the above, she is pretty, and has a nice blonde hair, and a very professional but kind attitude.

One of our fan's wrote about her after December 20th, 2008 event:
"Diana is extremely quick, aggressive and loves to compete. I was shocked as I tried to get away
to catch my breath, she was immediately ready to attack. She is like a lioness waiting for the kill.
She quicky learns her opponent's weakness (or what causes intense pain) and she attacks to exploit her new advantage. Her cardio condition is high and she is never short of breath.
Especially as she verbally torments her opponent.


Caroline is a very talented newcomer. She felt immedietaly how to wrestle in the right way. Her height and weight are also her advantages, and she has very strong legs. Sometimes she gaines some weight, but she just look as pretty as being skinnier, because she has nice, feminim shape, not to mention her beautiful face, and long black hair.


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