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effc28. Roxy vs. Nikky Thorne - Bridge

Thursday, 09 April 2015 18:10 Read 4697 times
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"I also like it to be an even contest where both wrestlers have to bridge desperately several times. I especially like the position where one wrestler almost facesit the wrestler in bridge position like Veronica vs Orsi in the last video you made for me. If possible I like the wrestlers to warm up doing stretching and especially bridges before the match starts. I also like to have as short count as possible when one wrestler is pinned with both shoulders touching the mat simultaneously. That will force the wrestler in bridge position to desperately want to avoid both her shoulders touching the mat at any time. I like when the wrestler in trouble really shows agony in her face knowing she is almost pinned. I also like it to be several situations where the wrestler in a bridge suddenly escapes and instead forces her opponent to bridge desperately." 

  • Length: 19:04
  • Video size: 720 x 576, 1280 x 720
  • File size: 219 MB 735 MB
  • Format: wmv, hd_wmv
  • Made in: 2015
  • Image set: 137 pics
  • Type of video: bikini mixed wrestling
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