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KO Entertainments Kft. (Hungary)


Vicky and Christy teams up to beat up shameless exboyfriend Liviu - they have just found out that he was playing around with bth of them, so they challenged him for a fair fight...

Only headscissors, endlessly - 30:55 minutes

cut out from all the videos of Orsi, Sophie, Vanda and Viki! Do you like squeezing, choking, smothering? Do you like to be short of breath caused by a strong and dominate woman? Only headscissors and schoolboy pins cut out of many fights! Do you like when your head is between two flexed muscular legs? When you are not able to breath anymore? When she tenses your head with so much pressure till you feel like it will blow up?


Viki is back!

Beautiful Viki is back, with her perfect, very feminin body. She was on a long brake, but she didn't forget anything, to say the truth, she wrestles surprisingly well. She has the power and full controll, but still being a 100% woman. This time the oppontent is Attila, again - he need no comment, we know him very well.

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