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KO Entertainments Kft. (Hungary)

Don't you enjoy a fight without the winner is doing a victory pose at the end?

When the opponent is completely defeated and disgraced, stepping on him, expressing the happiness over his loss? When the winner is a woman, the looser is a man, and the woman shows her full control and dominance over him? That she was not only able to beat him up, but even make him to completely submit under her will? So the man feels that he is in full control of a strong woman, a subjection of her will, there is no need to do anything, just lying on the floor, under her feet, defeated? Then watch this clip, containing all kinds of disgracing of the looser after a fiery fight! Cut out from 23 mixed wrestling videos.

3rd fight from the event w/ Greek-looking Goddess Tekla! 

Tekla is a charming girl, usually too charming for mixed wrestling fights. Not this time, however! She worked out more lately, and took out of herself her cruel and tough fighter side - with much success. Head-scissor after head-scissor, followed by steps on his neck, so poor Sunny suffered indeed below this heavier and more fit girl. Both of them sweat a lot, and Sunny even could apply a few holds on Tekla, but at the end there was only one winner, and was a very feminine one!

What is your opinion of a smiling, but strong domina with incredibly long legs? Is it possible to have a nice, kind and gentle personality, and a strong will to win and never gives up? A smiling girl who, at the same time, wants to dominate you and applies full power to submit you, but she would never let you submit her? Do you think this can not be at once? You are very wrong then! Just come inside, and watch this mixed wrestling video with Greek-like beautiful face queen, an experienced wrestler, joined to our club just recently!

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