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KO Entertainments Kft. (Hungary)

Don't you enjoy a fight without the winner is doing a victory pose at the end?

When the opponent is completely defeated and disgraced, stepping on him, expressing the happiness over his loss? When the winner is a woman, the looser is a man, and the woman shows her full control and dominance over him? That she was not only able to beat him up, but even make him to completely submit under her will? So the man feels that he is in full control of a strong woman, a subjection of her will, there is no need to do anything, just lying on the floor, under her feet, defeated? Then watch this clip, containing all kinds of disgracing of the looser after a fiery fight! Cut out from 14 videos.

Beginner, but talented and furious Sandra dominates! 

Very first time for her, and it looks like not the last one. Sandra is a pretty, feminine but sporty, muscular girl, who liked the idea of becoming a member of our mixed wrestling team. Soon she and we found out that being on top of a male opponent causes enjoyment for her, and she started to take full control over the fight and became more and more dominative. With not much experience she could make George to submit numerous times, and by the end of the battle we saw tough, aggressive expressions on her face. Welcome her!

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