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KO Entertainments Kft. (Hungary)

Only head-scissors, endlessly - 69:00 from 11 videos

(participating Diamond, Xana, Anne Hurricane, Van, Diana, Roxy, Anita, Bobi, Jasmine, Katalin, Sophie and Kira)! Do you like squeezing, choking, smothering? Do you like to be short of breath caused by a strong and dominate woman? Do you like when your head is between two flexed muscular legs? When you are not able to breath anymore? When she tenses your head with so much pressure till you feel like it will blow up?
Only head-scissors and schoolboy pins cut out of many fights!

New girl! Seeing Katalin's very first fight

against Jean, we think that Katalin is a very promisable wrestler! She is tough and strong, and has many sports experience. She had learned the mixed wrestling holds quickly, and has no problem to apply them in full strength. We are very curious where she'll end up after some more experience!

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