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KO Entertainments Kft. (Hungary)


Altough Bibi Noel was a beginner wrestler, she was never ever a beginner in being a domina. In her black patent leather and lace outfit, she is the hottest!


In her first domination video, at first, Sebastian is just smiling on Bibi, but throughout the punches Bibi discovers her own true nature as a domina - and Sebastian forgets to smile.

Don't you enjoy a mixed wrestling fight without the winner is doing a victory pose at the end?

When the opponent is completely defeated and disgraced, stepping on him, expressing the happiness over his loss? When the winner is a woman, the looser is a man, and the woman shows her full control and dominance over him? That she was not only able to beat him up, but even make him to completely submit under her will? So the man feels that he is in full control of a strong woman, a subjection of her will, there is no need to do anything, just lying on the floor, under her feet, defeated?

Then watch this clip, containing all kinds of disgracing of the looser after a fiery fight!

Training of a newcomer!

Bibi Noel is a pretty young girl, who was brave enough to come for a mixed wrestling fight shooting without any prior experience. We had put her together with Sunny, and altough her holds were not perfect, during the fight, she already showed some improvement!

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